Micro Finance Institutional installation & Development


Micro Finance

To the same extent of caring about solutions for business and HR, “AdviseWise” participates in alleviating poverty through the Micro Finance program and its services, which are:

  • Policies and Procedures.
  • System Development.
  • Financial Instruments and Tools for MFIs.
  • Portfolios Management.
  • Risk Management.
    1. Advise Wise Risk Management Tool (AWRMT).
    2. Financial Soundness Indicators (Z-Score).
    3. Stress Testing.
    4. Value at Risk Tool.
    5. Risk Adjusted Rate of Return on Capital (RAROC).
    6. Economic Capital.

About Advise Wise

Advise Wise (Bilge Nasihat) is a limited company registered in Gaziantep/Turkey under registration number

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