HR Procurement

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HR Procurement

Appropriate and efficient employees are the key for any success that takes place within the organization. With the orientation you provide us, we can relief you from the burdens in the procurement process, which includes: Recruitment, Selection and Designation. We can provide a committee of experts in announcing vacancies, receiving and sorting the applications. They will choose with you the best suitable candidates and sign the contracts.


After designation, “AdviseWise” will be happy to offer services related to staff management in the following areas:

  • Performance planning: It is crucial for organizations to specify what they need from their staff. “AdviseWise” can plan with you mutually those parameters of performance.
  • Performance Appraisal & Career Path: Based on the performance plan.
  • Development Goals: Setting those goals according to the performance appraisal.

In order to develop the capacity of your staff, you will have to fill their gaps in knowledge/skills. The training team of “AdviseWise” is professionalized in analyzing the gaps and prioritizing the needs of training.

Our team of experts guarantees the development of your personnel, in all aspects of HR and any other administrative dimension, through delivering tailored training workshops, on-job coaching and consultancy.

Salaries, Wages and Compensations Systems

A fair strong compensation and motivation system leads to a cohesive loyal work team.

“AdviseWise” has professionals in finance and HR management who have a long experience in developing salary scales for different types of organizations.

“AdviseWise” provides Ranking and Pricing to evaluate jobs and positions at your organization.

HR Solutions

HR Operations

“AdviseWise” prepares for your organization HR related operations, including:

  • Timesheets.
  • Payrolls.
  • Salary bank payments.

HR Solutions

Employees Safety and Welfare

  • Legal Orientation.
  • Psychosocial Support & Work Pressure Management.
  • Organizing trips and camps (Retreats) for the staff to create a space for relaxing and improving the internal cohesion.

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